XBusiness – Module: Gamification

An online platform that allows the creation of a game among the most diverse departments of your company (sales, HR, operation) with the objective of engaging the collaborators (by means of challenges, scores, and benefits) and guarantee a better performance for the company, all aligned towards the same objective.

The possibilities for setting a gamification are innumerous and all of them are focused on improving your company’s KPIs.

XBusiness Gamificação

Understand how to make results happen

Define your purpose and its objectives:

  • Reaching goals (Incentive plan)
  • Cultural change (Value reinforcement)
  • Increasing engage (Encourage people, change procedures, create routines)
Propósito e Objetivos

Define the mechanics

How will your company work? What are the challenges and accomplishments?

In case you need it, we have methodologies and techniques to help you! At this point we will set the parameters for the system, which is very flexible to cover your needs. We must define the periodicity of the challenges (the more dynamic, the more involving), define the challenges (they should make people gradatively fulfill their objective) and the achievements (they may go from prizes/bonifications to public performance acknowledgment).

Fun + friendly layout + behavioral techniques + established rules = Encouraged team

Define the theme

Soccer team, car race, darts: which theme will appear on your company’s game screen? You choose!
It is also important to make the communication plan to share the dynamic set. Do you need help? We will walk you through all the steps.

Plano de Comunicação Personalizado

Preparing the platform

Now it is time for our team to organize the software

and setup the defined mechanics. You will count on specialized help, who will always be there and clarify things for you.

Sistema Personalizado

Game on!

At this point XBusiness is yet ready for your team to start using. A healthy competition in a dynamic and simple format, which guarantees intense communication and quickness in sharing challenges and coming to results.

Team motivated + engagement metodology + tecnology = results-driven culture

Equipe Motivada = Resultados

Make the difference in your company, let us talk!

Ask for the contact of an expert and find out all of the advantages XBusiness’ Gamification
offers to improve the performance of your business.

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